Resume of William F. Dudley Jr.

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Job Sought

Retired. Not seeking work. This is here only for historic interest.

Areas of Professional Competence

Unix programming (C, Perl, Python, Ruby) including both command line applications and web applications. Familiar with Linux (several variants) and FreeBSD.

Embedded systems programming (C, assembler, python).

Digital and analog circuit design.

Work Experience

5/11 to 1/12: Senior Software Developer at Avalon Telecom in Las Vegas, NV. Developed telephone billing system for a class 3 phone company in Perl, including web interface, database, call charge analysis, and invoice generation. Made redundant when company changed direction and moved into a different market, to be billed using canned software.

1/98 to 3/11: Senior Software Developer at Monmouth Telecom (a class 5 CLEC) in Red Bank, NJ. Developed software in Perl, C, Ruby including Rails to support Monmouth County’s internet service provider and telephone company. Database work (mysql), sysadmin automation, ISP billing, Telephone billing, call record translation, Board of Public Utilities and FCC reports, accounts payable (access compensation), commission calculations for sales department, project tracking, web development (Perl CGI and Rails) for both internal use and public e-commerce. Machines running BSDI, FreeBSD, Linux, SunOS, and (rarely) Windows. Familiar with mail and web administration, firewall configuration, networking, but not enough to be a sysadmin, unless you’re desperate.

12/95 to 1/98: Research Scientist at Bell Communications Research in Red Bank, NJ. Developed software in C for PACS-UB wireless telephone, including call processing, user-interface, and device drivers.

12/92 to 12/95: Member of Technical Staff at (formerly) AT&T Consumer Products , Holmdel, NJ, 07733. Software development for cellular phones. While there I developed my own CASE tools for generating the user interface code for their products. Mostly C, some assembler for Motorola 6811, developed on Sun Sparc under SunOs.

5/91 to 11/92: Consultant to AT&T Bell Laboratories, Holmdel, NJ, 07733. New algorithm development and maintenence of existing programs for airline plane scheduling systems. C (and some Fortran) on UNIX machines.

4/87 to 5/91: Director of Engineering for Design Computation, Inc., Farmingdale, NJ 07727. One of the authors (and maintainers) of DC/CAD, a sophisticated printed circuit board CAD system. The code consists of over 50000 lines of C with some Assembly language, LEX, and YACC.

4/84 to 3/87: Member of Technical Staff at AT&T Bell Laboratories, Holmdel, NJ, 07733. Designed hardware for private voice and data service for cellular phone system. This included six different logic cards, as well as a new trunk circuit for the 1A switch. Oversaw two engineers and three technicians who did some of the design work and the construction of Washington, D.C., trial equipment. Programming in FORTRAN and C of analog circuit simulator and file filters. Also, exploratory development of hardware and software for Wideband Packet Network using dual 7 MIPS processors.

6/82 to 4/84: Senior Electrical Engineer at Control Automation, Princeton, NJ. Designed 512 x 512 pixel video frame grabber for Multibus, as well as hardware accelerator board to provide live video image processing at NTSC frame rates. Designed Z80, 8748, 8751 based controllers for automation. Programming in Assembly language, Forth, C.

9/78 to 6/82: Development Project Leader - chief digital systems designer at Exide Electronics, Newtown, PA. Project team included two other engineers and a technician. Designed and built apparatus for microcomputer control and diagnostic functions for 100-600 KW Uninterruptible Power Systems. Programming in Z80 and 6502 Assembly language.

10/76 to 9/78: Engineer at ITT Telecommunications in Raleigh, NC. Design of major subsystems (receive logic, channel cards, power supply) in 24, 48 channel PCM systems (D3, D4).

6/74 to 10/76: Product engineer at Laboratory Data Control, Riviera Beach, FL (division of Milton Roy). Design of liquid chromatography instrumentation using mix of analog circuits and 6502 microprocessor. My, that was a long time ago.


Cornell University, M.E.E. 1974. Feedback systems analysis, integrated circuit design, digital and analog filters.

Cornell University, B.S.E.E. 1973. Circuit design, digital computer programming (FORTRAN, PL1, 360 Assembly language, APL, SNOBOL).

Published Articles

"A Command Line History Function for CP/M-80," Microsystems Journal, Sept/Oct 1986.

"Porting C Programs to 80386 Protected Mode," Dr. Dobb’s Journal, Software Tools for the Professional Programmer, August 1990.

"Preparing an International C Application," Windows/DOS Developer’s Journal, July 1993.

"A MIDI Sustain Pedal," Circuit Cellar Magazine, November, 1999.

After 1999 I self-publish on the web at and elsewhere.


Means and method for controlling eluent gradient in liquid chromatography 4,066,879

Hierarchical menu screen interface for displaying and accessing telephone terminal features 5,774,540

Menu level indicator for a telephone terminal 5,841,855

Relevant Hobby Activities

Webmaster for the International Norton Owners Association (

Webmaster for the Delaware Valley Norton Riders (