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31 12 2023

Sun, 31 Dec 2023

Trumpism has destroyed not only national politics, but all governance.

Trumpism (or MAGA) has taught people that if they don’t like a
democratic outcome, they can just ignore it, call it corrupt,
manipulated, bogus, etc. If the result of an election isn’t the
“right” one, it must have been manipulated by the other side.

This attitude has trickled down to where even small organizations
are seeing this. A club I belong to, with about 2000 members,
has a significant demographic who believe the Board of Directors
are corrupt, are “making decisions in secret”, are stealing from
the treasury, and more.

The people making these claims don’t have any SPECIFIC claim, just
undifferentiated kvetching. Basically, whining for whining’s sake.

I don’t have an answer, except perhaps mandatory civics classes for
all citizens every 10 years until they die.

Bill Dudley
December, 2023

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