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30 09 2009

Wed, 30 Sep 2009

> I wonder what Bill thinks (about John Stossel’s show about global warming) ?

You will probably regret asking that. And, as usual, I’m probably wasting
my “breath” (or time, in this case). But rise to the bait I must.

I will not respond point by point to John’s discussion on Global Warming
but I will say that the MAJORITY of climate scientists think that global
warming is a real problem, and that greenhouse gases in the atmosphere are
a cause. THERE IS NO DOUBT that the Earth is warming. The only possible
question is “how much of this is natural”?

Since the penalty for being wrong is extinction, I am willing to pay
(say) 10% more for energy if it means that my son will have a planet
to live on. (Remember: you can’t grow wheat on thawed “perma-frost”.)

Those of you who are childless can, I guess, continue with business
as usual. Remember, vilifying Al Gore will bring back the ice caps
if you just believe.

I would think that EVERYBODY would want to stop using “foreign oil”, but
Nooooooooo, the Republicans apparently want us to drive gas hogs burning
Saudi oil for ever and ever, because God forbid the price of gas
goes above $2.50/gal. Selfish fucks. “Drill baby, drill” indeed.
The US doesn’t HAVE any real oil reserves worth speaking of.

Moving the country/world to green energy isn’t a plot to make Al Gore
rich, or whatever the Republican geniuses claim, it’s just the RIGHT
THING to do. We can’t just keep crapping up the planet with various
forms of pollution and expect things to keep humming along forever.

From here on is a totally undignified and barely edited rant, i.e. this
gets worse:

I don’t give a rats ass what John Stossel, or every single Republican on
Earth says about global warming. They don’t want anything to
change, ever ever and want to drive huge SUVs forever and ever.
Fine, I get that. They also don’t like Queers (don’t ask, don’t tell),
or Latinos/illegal immigrants (except when it comes time to vote)
and they don’t much like Blacks (Obama’s a terrorist) either. They
don’t believe in evolution, or physics, or any science for that
matter, or any damn thing but the “invisible hand of the market”
which brilliance has currently reduced OUR retirement savings worth
to squat. They got us into a pointless war (Iraq) that has cost us
hundreds of billions and over 4300 American lives. They care about
our military (in that they are willing to put “support our troops”
magnets and American flags on their SUVs) but
they let the VA hospitals become run-down wrecks and it took a
DEMOCRATIC administration to pass a new GI bill. They’re all for “buy
American” but it took a DEMOCRATIC admin to pass the “cash for clunkers”
bill, that has been a screaming success and is helping car dealers
AND car manufacturers (incl Detroit) to stay in business. They’re
against health care reform, and they may be successfull again in
killing it, because, hell, why should a laid off Chrysler worker
have health insurance for his family? Fuck him, he’s a freeloading
loser! Republicans fight every single thing by LYING about it — Obama
doesn’t have a birth cert; McCain has a black baby out of wedlock
(yes, Repubs fighting McCain’s candidacy in 2000 election said this);
Health Care reform will force the elderly to have a euthenasia conference
with their doctor every 5 years (yes, this was claimed by a so-called
Repub expert on health care reform - ON TELEVISION), the list of lies
just goes on and on and on.

And they insult my intelligence by nominating Palin for VP, on the
theory that any woman, no matter how stupid, is equivalent to Hillary
OR Obama to get that crucial “minority vote”.

Fuck the Republican Party. Fuck their “ideas”. I’ve had it with them.
They are the party of “wrongness”. They are against any kind of
progress. They will lie and say anything in order to win.

I don’t ever again want to get another email about global warming, from
anybody. Ever. I DON’T CARE WHAT YOU THINK about it. I also don’t
want to hear about how the Democrats kill and eat babies, raise taxes,

Oh yeah, this (in a private email) caught my eye:
> running out of space for trash which is BS

Well, NYC closed the huge dump in Staten Island because it was full. If
neighboring counties/states/countries don’t want NYC’s trash, then WHERE
DO YOU PUT IT? Every county/state/country certainly has the right to
decide to NOT accept trash, don’t they? So where do you put it after
you’ve filled up your own dump sites? You can’t just make it all go
away by burning it, there’s toxic shit in there, things that won’t
burn, etc. I have no idea where NYC is putting their trash, they’re
probably paying to ship it to a dump in western PA or something, but
once that fills up …

Yes, I know, right now we ship garbage to third world countries, too.
How long do you think that will last? Eventually they will get tired
of our TOXIC SHIT and stop taking it. Then what? Put it in the oceans?

John Stossel is an idiot, or he has no morals. In either case, I never
want to hear his name again, either.


P.S. I’m NOT a socialist, but on ecology issues, compared to you guys, I
guess I’m the fucking head of Greenpeace.

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